Airstream of Consciousness


Launched the “Airstream of Consciousness” yesterday at the Midwest Power XIII Rocket Launch in downstate Illinois. This was a hand made scratch built all-carbon fiber rocket using my filament winder for the airframe and a 10 ton press for the fins. Since Carbon Fiber attenuates (acts as an RF shield)  my ham radio spectrum downlink, I used a traditional fiberglass nosecone and put the electronics there. I had 7 camera’s on the rocket! If you look closely, on the tip of the nosecone, I had a bubblcam. I was a kickstarter backer for this thing, it’s basically 4 video camera’s built into a spherical ball to take 360 video’s which can be played back on an oculus rift, Google cardboard, or on YouTube using a mouse. Unfortunately, the centripetal force on the camera due to the spin ejected the microsd card mid flight.

Video in all it’s glory:


Airstream of Consciousness takes flight
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