And now for something completely different…..


Sorry for the EXTREME delay between posts! Work has been getting the better of me. Given how much knowledge and equipment I’ve collected over the years to build rockets, I’ve found these skills are useful for building other fun electronic projects.  I received my pilots license over twenty years ago, but let both the skills, and my license (my medical) lapse long ago. The bug bit me recently to freshen up, and I was amazed at what the state of the art in simulation looked like. Like rocketry, there is a small, but dedicated community of enthusiasts that have made some amazing amateur simulators. While I don’t exactly have the room for a full blown simulator, I was able to build a simulated cockpit panel, and mount it on a movable metal pole to refresh my piloting skills.


I also happened to build a few rockets too :> As soon as we have a warm weekend, I’ll take them out for a photo session.  The most common question I get is what tools do I use to build all of these things. In the next installment, I’ll take you on a walk through my laboratory (My wife call is the garage) of CNC machines, laser cutters, filament winders, 3d printers, reflow stations, laser scanners, PCB etching equipment and random tools I use.

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