I fellow park flyer commented the other day that my blog doesn’t adequately  represent my rocket collection, and frankly, he’s right. My2012-05-23_09-16-32_HDR girls are enamored with finding things around the house and yard and asking “Dad, can you turn this into a rocket”. The answer is usually yes. About 80% of my rockets are actually odd-roc’s, so I’ve decided to post some photo’s of just a few in my collection. Yes, you’ve seen my night launch saucer, my dining room table w/ pizza,  and my collection of crayon rockets, but that’s just a small sample.  An odd-roc is any rocket design that isn’t the basic 3FNC, which is three fin’s and a 2012-05-23_09-21-00_HDRnosecone. I’m a big saucer fan – in fact I’m beta testing Art Applewhite’s largest delta design to date – 36 inches in diameter. I’ll post a review after I’m finished with the build and first flight.  I also  found a kitchen sink at the dump the other day – that will be my ultimate test.

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One thought on “Odd-Roc’s

  1. Hi, Love odd rocs! made my first one from a “coolwhip” container and flys greaT on an 18 mm motor,”C”! U need more weight in nose for “D”‘s.

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