Old launches

I was recently asked to go through some old photo’s, and found a bunch of old launch photo’s from loved, but long forgotten rockets. Here are a few:




This was a Rocketry Warehouse Halloween special which included a ‘pumpkin’ parachute..



This is an upscaled Este’s Snitch called  “woket”. This particular rocket is still in my fleet, but undergoing MAJOR modifications to turn it into a night launch rocket. I’ll post some video when I’m done adding about 300 LED’S and batteries, and a computer controller to it. Should be an ‘interesting’ flight






Here is an original rocket vision machbuster.

I built this 10 years ago, and finally flew it on a cti f240 Vmax

rocksim indicated it would go 0 to 1200 MPH in about .3 seconds (which is the burn time of the engine), and reach about 4000 ft. I couldn’t fit a tracker on it, but decided to write my phone number on it just in case…..
When the motor lit, it sounded like an explosion. I had a 210fps video camera going, and only got 1 frame of the rocket leaving the pad, which means it was probably going faster than 1200 MPH by my calculations.
I can’t say much more. Nobody ever saw it, or heard from it once it left the pad. Still waiting for my phone to ring Open-mouthed smile

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