LDRS 30 Day 2 & 3 : Argonia dirty



     Short update… Need to get to bed for the long trip home. Day two was just as hot and dirty as Friday. Local’s told me Argonia Kansas just passed their record for days over 100 degrees. When I got back to the hotel Friday night, I took off my sandals to the ugliest site I’ve ever seen – my feet! This town has redefined the word dirty for me. Looks like I have a wicked tan, but it’s just a few layers of dirt.


     I was supposed to be in the “odd rocket” Discovery Channel competition on day two with the pizza rocket, but they ran really long and blew through the FAA waiver time before getting to my rocket. They asked me to come early on day three, but I was also in the “fastest rocket” competition, and I didn’t want to screw up all of the prep on that rocket for the pizza. Frankly, I was happy not to launch the Pizza because I have a feeling it will only survive one launch, and I really want to do it with my kids. Sorry Jim – didn’t get a chance to test the WRC+ in a live launch at LDRS, but I’ll be back at Bong in a few weeks.

     Spent a fair amount of time being interviewed by Discovery Channel. Don’t know how much of the footage they will use, but it was fun, and I got my 15 minutes of fame (at least in my own mind Open-mouthed smile). Also got to meet Kari Byron, the host of Mythbusters. I have to say, I was a bit surprised how nice the crew was. Below is some photo’s my brother took of them taking video.








     Jim Harris was nice enough to ship me a demo 98mm 11000 M1800BL rocket motor. He knows I love his black lightening motors. The motor still isn’t certified, but it sure seems done! My patriot went up over 15,000 feet! The crowd actually clapped at the launch. Jim’s a smart businessman, because I plan on buying the first 98mm certified motor he makes Open-mouthed smile

Below is the pad video from the launch. Nadine was able to catch a few great photo’s of the launch – I’ll post them when they arrive.

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