The chosen one has returned……

Picked up the rocket from the Ultimate Paint Shop today. All I can say is: WOW!




The good news is they did a FANTASTIC job! Look at the paint on those fillets – all of my other rockets will look horrible in comparison. Oh well Open-mouthed smile

The bad news is I have two days left to finish the rocket.

Things left to do:

a little rewiring on the AV-Bay. I found an intermittent short on one of the ematch wires. Better safe then sorry.

Need to weight all the parts and recompute the CD/CG. Determine if I need nose weight, then epoxy in the allthread into the nosecone. Also need to foam the nosecone, build some electronics compartments and install the forward bulkhead

I re-fit the AV bay into the upper sustainer, and retest the main parachute deployment. now that everything has been painted. I decided on redundant BP blastcaps for both the drogue and main deployment charges. Better safe then sorry, and I can always remove them later.

drill air holes, sheering pin holes, altimeter arming holes,altimeter breathing holes, and 1515 rail button mounting holes.

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