Electronics (step 1)

I’ve been slowly getting back to work. This weekend I spent some time to mount the electronics into the tri-AVbay.

As you can see from the progression below, there isn’t too much to mounting the electronics. I positioned the Altimeter (in this case, a Marsa4), put mounting marks through the screw holes, drilled and tapped the mounting holes, then mounted the altimeter using #4 machine screws and plastic spacers. On the opposite side of the bay, I mounted a 9 volt battery holder, and ran the wires through the bolt cut out.



I then drilled holes through the top and bottom of the AVBay,and ran ignition wires from the altimeter through each hole.


Once I had the ignition wires through the hole, I mounted a 4-way screw terminal through the same hole, and secured the ignition wires into one side of the screw terminal. This will allow me to mount the e-matches to the screw terminal instead of threading them through the av-bay, and having to re-seal the AV-bay after each launch. This is a method I have been successful with in the past, although I am well aware these screw terminals will be subjected to the black powder residue , and will likely have to be replaced over time.


I then went through the same process with the Raven. First, it is striking how small the raven is, IMG_0139when you look at it in this big AV bay. The raven is more complex to install since it uses a common + wiring scheme. While the Marsa4 had discrete connectors for everything (a + and –  for each e-match, the battery, and the power switch), the Raven only has 4 terminals and a battery + for everything. This means the power switch has to be inline, and each e-match has to be connected to the same + battery post. Not a big deal, and great if you are putting this in a minimum diameter rocket. With the amount of space in my AV bays, it’s kind of unnecessary. That said, this is my most


The third AV Bay will house a Communication Specialist tracker, and an Altus-Metrum. I haven’t decided on where to mount the power connectors yet. I will probably wait until the very end to determine their optimum placement.

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